Folar Vape – Carts batteries & Disposable for cannabis products


What Folartech do

Shenzhen Folar Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2016, announced private brand FOLAR from the end of 2020, focus on cannabis industry as one-stop solution provider and great business partner, we have rich experienceof private project for customers as OEM/ODM project and deliver the ultimate vaporizer experience. We consists of some of the finest research and development minds in the industry, highly trained and extremely talented product designers, skilled sales professionals and powerful leaders. our mission is to provide superior performing vapes, bring into the industry the most affordable, functional and reliable products. We also pride ourselves in customer satisfaction to meet the market demand and customers individual needs.

         Why Folartech


  • One stop solution for cannabis related hardware and accessories.
  • Design in US and manufacturer in China with over than 6 years experience.
  • Serves more than 2,000 customers in 10 countries and regions around the world.
  • Lab testing for all products before releasing.
  • Strives to produce high-qualified products, aided by its strong manufacturing capabilities.
  • Sets with highest standards of production facilities, strictest safety standards, hygiene standards, and testing procedures.


 By Folartech Family

FolarAir™ Heating Technology


With triple air flow to brings smooth vapor and big vapor, FolarAir™ Heating technology, completely different from the traditional CBD product structure (especially by expanding the aperture size to increase the suitable THC oil)。

The new structure of ceramic ceramic heating structure, double ceramic outer wall, suitable for special oil absorption ceramics, the whole ceramic body soaked in materials, 100 times of contact area and good oil conduction system and oil absorption rate suitable for Delta 8, Delta9, Delta10, THC0 or HHC and other viscous oil.

Triple Air Flow

The new 5th generation FolarAir™ ceramic adapts the new ceramic structure which improves the atomization efficiency of the ceramic atomization core, providing atomization temperature continuously & consistently.

Triple air hole with double way enhance air convection and thicker the smoke. Double-layer heating both Internal and external which also doubleed oil supply and atomization arae. Improving oil inlet speed and atomization amount at the same time.

heating technology

IAS System

– Immersion Atomization Structure

Revolutionary technology invention replacing traditional oil hole to immersion struncture. No need to adjust the size of the oil inlet hole for different viscosity of oil but non-oil-hole new structure.  

FolarAir ceramic technology and IAS (Immersion Atomization Structure) system perfectly efficient the absorption. Pre-absorption function and multi-level heating reaction Max the atomization for THC.

  • More powerful atomization efficiency  
  • Bigger and smoother airflow  
  • Enjoy without preheating 


Folar DBOX 2ml delta 8 disposable pen


The first disposable vape of IAS (immersion Atomization Structure )system and Triple air hole with double airpath for thick oil. Use for THC, D8, D9, D10 HHC etc. Already under bulk production and local labs in US and Canada test approved.

folar dbox 2ml disposable delta8 d9 d10 cbd vape-05

Exceeding Safety Standards


Cannasafe Lab tested, guaranteed california catⅢ compliant, free from heavy metals, pesticides, glycol, and other harmful toxins.

Reliable & Professional Safety & Quality Test

Safty Process


Safety is the top priority, Strict supply chain management,over than 8 testing to make sure the safe of products.

  • Raw Material qty,facial,size test
  • Battery Capacity & Resistance test
  • Pressure test
  • Temp & humidity test
  • Vapor testing
  • Drop testing
  • Vibration testing
  • Salt spry

Folartech Quality Principal


Folartech takes remarkably stringent quality control and management, subjecting both raw materials and finished products to extensive testing process.

Fully inspection of products before shipment, Modern automated equipment and mature plant management process providing stable and high qualified mass production products.



C U S T O M I Z A T I O N S   C E N T E R


–   Y  O  U  R     D  E  S  I  G  N     S  P  A  C  E   –

Customized Cartridges


-Different flavors design

-Distinctive Mouthpieces

-Custom color finishes

-Engraving and printing


Customized Batteries


– Color – Vibrant Pantone colors

– Indicate Light – Attractive LED colors

– Logo – Laser engraving and pad printing

– Design – Paper Stickers




C U S T O M I Z E D   P A C K A G E



–     6000+㎡ Factory   |   Automated Equipment   |   Dust-Free Workshop   |   ISO13485    |   Certification   |   ISO9001:2015     –