Folar Rebrand Design

Folar Rebrand Design


Folar Special Customization

Folar Special Customization


Folar Unique Private Project

Folar Unique Private Project

Folar Rebrand Design

With fastest speed and limited cost to build your brand item. Making the least penny worth the most!

Folar Special Customization


Soft touch, metallic feeling, gradient ramp


Logo & flavor

3D available to make the colorful design available and pop out your item.


Oil Window

You can customized your own oil window to make your individual request.


For the exiting design, we can change the oil capacity as your wish from 0.5ml -5ml depends on one same ID.

Folar Unique Private Project

Customized Batteries

– Color – Vibrant Pantone colors

– Indicate Light – Attractive LED colors

– Logo – Laser engraving and pad printing

– Design – Paper Stickers

Customized Cartridges

-Different flavors design

-Distinctive Mouthpieces

-Custom color finishes

-Engraving and printing

OEM Rebrand Process

  • STAGE 1: Project Initiation
    STAGE 1: Project Initiation

    Share your creative ideas to info@folartech.com with Folar team. Our ODM specialist will help you transform your ideas into reality through every detail of your project such as overall product specification, definitions, project lead time, and target price, etc.

  • STAGE 2: Branding & Product Design
    STAGE 2: Branding & Product Design

    STAGE 2: Branding & Product Design Amazing and professional engineer team can turn your idea to real draft within one week from nothing to final ID once we confirmed all the functions, finishing, material, etc. Apply the newest and innovative technology such as wireless charging, dual port, cotton free technology, Child-Resistant (CR) and premium packaging design.

  • STAGE 3: Research & Design
    STAGE 3: Research & Design

    Design and development of prototype at the R&D center full fuction sample.

  • STAGE 4: Mock-Up Sample
    STAGE 4: Mock-Up Sample

    A mock-up sample will be sent once we confirm your final artwork. Standard Lead Time: 35 days.

  • STAGE 5: Manufacturing Quality Control Sample
    STAGE 5: Manufacturing Quality Control Sample

    Product will repeatedly run through lab tests until it meets our manufacturing quality assurance standard before mass production. Once it is finalized and approved for mass production, a batch manufacturing and production assembly line will be set up to meet ISO and GMP guidelines, with the quality assurance team inspecting the quality control of the products during the production to ensure consistency. On average, the total production lead time is 33 days and may vary upon different types of products. Customers can even keep track of the manufacturing progress via our customer app to feel involved throughout the manufacturing progress. • Batch manufacturing at ISO and GMP certified factory • Production assembly • Repetitive quality control lab test • Production leadtime: 33 days (vary upon different product types)

  • STAGE 6: Product Launch
    STAGE 6: Product Launch

    Upon receiving your first batch of products, our marketing team will continuously follow up with you. To ensure you receive the most optimal product training and various event experiences, that help you guarantee the success of your product launching events.

  • STAGE 7: Product Success
    STAGE 7: Product Success

    Your business success is our priority. Folar team will appoint an exclusive representative to guarantee your best interest taking care of all critical factors contributing to customer success to secure your product success.

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