What is FAA

FAATM means Folar Automatic Atomization. This is regular technology applied for other industry like and seldom for vape industry. Generally, people inhale from the mouthpiece to enjoy the vapor. Counting the puffs

How FAA works

You maybe familiar with Volcano vaporizer which is also tabletop device and there is a fan inside the device so the vapor will be blowed into the bag automatically. FAA is also similar thoery. Instead of the bag, there is glass cup or water bubbler attached so the vapor will be gathered in the glass cup or the bubbler.

Hands Free

Easy Operation

Auto automization

Party Mode

Products applied FAA

As you can see, The Hybrid applied this technology is tabletop vaporizer for concentrate and CBD or delta 8 cartridges. When we turn on the device, the vapor will be gathered into the glass bubbler or cup automatically. People can drink the vapor rather than traditional inhale.

It is innovative application of automatically atomization for vaporizer industry which make the vaping easier, socialized. People can share the vapor freely by full fill one cup of vapor.

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