FolartechはCBD Journey & CannaCon 2023展示会に参加しました

The latest research and discussion on cannabisrelated products


2-3 November,2023,Tokyo,Japan

Innovation vaporizers technology from Folar held its product display and sharing on the 2nd-3rd of November at Shibuya Stream Hall in Tokyo to offer healthier vaporized products for everyone.


Folar の革新的なヴェポライザー技術は、より健康的なヴェポライザー製品をすべての人に提供するために、11 月 2 日と 3 日に東京の渋谷ストリーム ホールで製品展示と共有を開催しました。

With the impending legal reform in Japan and the importance of GX (Green Transformation), the CBD/Hemp industry is expected to further develop. Our company introduces innovative products to help people achieve the desired requirements and solve some problems encountered when using vaporizers: Burn Taste Loss, and Vape Emission Amount.


In this exhibition, we brought the popular products our company sold, including dry herb vaporizers, CBD cartridges, CBD 510 batteries (Hype, Hybrid, Hybrid V2, Wave, Cartman, Delta Slim 510 battery, Delta Plus 510 battery, Cartridge), and some smoking accessories.

今回の展示会では、当社が販売するドライハーブヴェポライザー、CBDカートリッジ、CBD 510バッテリー(Hype、Hybrid、Hybrid V2、Wave、Cartman、Delta Slim 510バッテリー、Delta Plus 510バッテリー、カートリッジ)などの人気商品を展示いたしました。いくつかの喫煙アクセサリー。

Our products are relatively new and creative in the Japanese market which has already been approved by other markets and received very good feedback.


The first day of the exhibition was liked by the masses, we discussed the function of the product and design and other aspects of some content. Our products are of great interest to consumers and meet the needs of the Japanese market and we are also full of confidence in the Japanese market. We will continue our in-depth research on the education and development of our products in the Japanese market.


On the second day of the exhibition, Our booth was interviewed by TV Tokyo to help users better understand the role and sales of our products. Major marketing media, industry reports, and news reports all came to our booth for product exchange and learning. The atmosphere is very active, they all agree and support our products, and we will continue to work hard to bring better products to consumers. After the interview, the exhibition is also coming to an end.


We have made adequate preparations for this exhibition and have received very positive feedback. The trust and support of customers is the biggest help for us.This exhibition also provides a good platform for exposure and exchange of our products and the upcoming new product NSCAirTM.We will continue to work hard and innovative design to provide users with better products and service concepts.


Please visit our website for more details about the vaporizers. 

ヴェポライザーの詳細については、弊社 Web サイト をご覧ください。

About Folartech:

Folartech have more than 10 years of experience with cannabis-related products R&D.we focusing on cannabis hardware including dry herb vaporizer, wax pens, battery, cartridge and delta 8 disposable pens.


Folartech は大麻関連製品の研究開発で 10 年以上の経験があり、ドライハーブヴェポライザー、ワックスペン、バッテリー、カートリッジ、デルタ 8 使い捨てペンなどの大麻ハードウェアに重点を置いています。

For press inquiries,please contact

For wholesale or order, please contact 

報道機関からのお問い合わせについては、 までご連絡ください。

卸売または注文については、 までご連絡ください。


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