How Much Should a Good Vape Pen Cost

If you’re considering to purchase a vape pen, you may heard about the main benefits,s uch as the purer and healthier experience they provide. But most of first-time buyers normally ask : “How much do good vape pens cost?”

Depending on the style you choose and the type of kit that you’re looking for, a good vape pen will cost (on average) between $6-$40.  Quality vape kit come in a wide range of styles and prices, so we’ll discuss a few of the best options available to you below.

What to Know Before You Buy

Before you purchase a vape pen or kit, it is crucial to know the different styles you can purchase. The two main types of vape pens are:

1.Internal Battery Pens – Sometimes referred to as integrated battery vape pens, these pens will have a vape battery built in and integrated into the kit. Some of the benefits of these types of pens include:

  • No need to carry spare batteries – All you have to do is charge up your pen and take it with you!
  • Straight voltage – There’s often no guesswork when it comes to setting the temperature and vaping your product. Internal battery vape pens often allow you to fire them up and puff away.
  • Little assembly required – Because the battery is integrated into the unit, there is usually little-to-no assembly necessary. These kits usually come in a single box and are ready to use within minutes of unboxing.

2.External Battery Vape Pens – Vape kits that have external batteries are rapidly gaining popularity among vaping aficionados. Because the battery can be detached from the vape cartridge and mouthpiece, it allows for:

  • Higher wattage – External-battery vape pens can easily exceed 200 watts, creating a high volume of smoke with pure flavor.
  • Longer battery life – With most external kits, you’ll enjoy more puffs between charges, due to the larger battery sizes.
  • No downtime – Since the cartridges detach easily from the battery, you can quickly swap out batteries (if you choose to carry an extra with you) for uninterrupted use. You can easily use one battery while charging another, so you’ll never experience the disappointment of running out of power on the go.

Which Vape Pen Should I Buy, and How Much Will it Cost?

New and experienced vapers alike rave about the quality products you will find here at Folartech. We have a wide range of high quality vape pens at affordable prices. We’ll break down some of our highly-rated vape pens and their prices here:

Integrated Battery Vape Pens:

We are proud to offer two integrated battery, disposable vape models from the top name in vape pens, DBOX. With2.0ml capacity,including cartridges and battery as a whole single disposable vape mode, you get DBOX revolutionary ceramic heating elements in an extremely discreet package. Users enjoy the high performance from this vaporizing technology, hassle-free.

External Battery Vape Pens:

If you’re looking for a step up in performance, battery life, and pure vaping experience, we are proud to offer some of the highest quality products, including:

510 battery – With a genius design that can be assembled on most of normal cartridges. Battery Size from 9.5mm, 10.2mm, 11.5mm, 12mm and 12.5mm.


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