• 650 mAh battery for long-lasting battery life
  • Variable voltage: 2.4V (white light) / 3.0V (blue light) / 3.6V (green light)/ 4.2V (red light)
  • Stylish and discreet with a hidden compartment for your favorite 1-2ml vape cart!
  • Button and auto-draw capability, preheat and variable voltage options
  • Rechargeable with lightning-fast USB Type-C charge port
  • Pre-heat(15S) function to help prevent clogs, perfect for cannabis oils
  • Magnetic lock to easily snap your cart into place
  • Over-voltage and short-circuit protection
  • Available in Multiple Colors
  • Auto draw discreet 510 battery
  • Strong Magnetic Closure


Want to puff on your favorite 2 gram 510 vape cart discreetly?The discreet new Cartman Incognito looks like your typical vape disposable but hides your favorite cart inside!Our new Cartman Incognito 510 cart batteries allow you to smoke on most 1-2ml 510 thread carts via the hidden compartment inside the battery.The Cartman is a discreet and innovative 510 battery that combines style and functionality with its hidden compartment to hide your favorite vape cart. The Cartman is perfect for the cannabis oil enthusiast who wants to enjoy their oils on-the-go without attracting unwanted attention.

In addition to its powerful battery, the Cartman offers both button and auto-draw capability, providing you with even more versatility and control over your vaping experience. The rechargeable battery is equipped with a lightning-fast USB Type-C charge port, ensuring that you can quickly and easily recharge the battery whenever you need to.

One of the standout features of the Cartman is its magnetic lock, which makes it incredibly easy to snap your cart into place. The hidden compartment is perfect for stashing your favorite vape cart, ensuring that you can discreetly take it with you wherever you go. And with seven distinct colors to choose from, you can pick the Cartbox that best suits your style and personality.

The Cartman is designed with safety in mind, featuring over-voltage and short-circuit protection to prevent any accidents or damage to your battery. Its sleek and stylish design makes it look like an ordinary nicotine disposable, ensuring that you can use it discreetly without attracting any unwanted attention.

The Cartman is super user-friendly and fits most 510 thread 1-2ml vape carts, making it a versatile and essential accessory for any cannabis oil enthusiast. Whether you’re on-the-go, at home, or at a social gathering, the Cartman provides you with the discreet and powerful vaping experience that you need.

Please note these usage instructions for your new device:

1. Do not charge any vape batteries with a cart attached. Electronics can heat up while they’re charging and it could cause the cart itself to leak into the device.

2. Always preheat any vape battery before use. Whether this be with a new cart or used, this makes the concentrate more viscous and easier to vaporize by the device.

3. Make sure to not exceed 90 minutes on a charger. The batteries themselves are small and don’t take much time to fully charge.



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