Hi5 5ml

Hi5 5ml

– 5ml disposable for delta8 CBD


5ml Capacity
FolarAir ™ Ceramic Technology
Button activated

Tank visibility
Medical Grade PCTG


THC or Distillate or Concentrate


60pcs in a pack


The first reliable 5ml Big Capacity Preheat Disposable for D8/D9/D10/D11/HHC

Folar Hi5 Unlike most of the other disposable vape pens with 5ml always has the clogging or burning taste.Our 5ml disposable supplies with Folar 4th ceramic heating coil.With the newest heating technology, it supports your extracts with the purest taste from the first drop to the last drop.

It’s totally lead-free, heavy metal free ,pure taste test passed. It’s the first reliable 5ML delta8 disposable with preheat ,rechargeable function. With the unique design,Portable compact, you will always take it on-the-go.Vaping with bigger capacity anytime, anywhere.

As a manufacturer of CBD/Delta8 vape pens,we supply the newest and best disposable vapes on the market to meet our customers’ demands.And we only supply the premium products with competitive price for wholesale.At Folartech, you will find various products which include disposable vape pens , vape cartridges ,batteries ,as well as customized packagings .

Check out our new release 5ml disposable vape pen in details.

Plus, we also provide different design and colors match to different flavors


As a professional supplier of best vape for years, we supply the newest and best cannabis vape pens in the market. Prepare to be a brand-new breakthrough in the performance and outlook design for large volume vaporizer.

We keep creating consistently on design , from 0.5ml to 5.0ml, and there will be more updates in the future to meet different demands from the market.

We’re proud to lauch Hi5 as a model which can be manufactured with different volumes for several advantages.The same compact device body supports 2 to 5mL cannabis oil and carries upscaling Folar-Air™-powered ceramic heating element to deliver the full flavor of ample cannabis oil for long-term use. Featuring natural and long-lasting flavor, clogging-free vaping experience, and diverse and exclusive battery housing finish and texture, it’s our remarkable upgraded large-volume vaporizer.

The Main feature of Folar H5 disposable vape pen for Delta8 HHC Distillate etc:

– FolarAir(TM) Ceramic Heating technology

-Button active

-Bottom filling with easy press design

-Preheating function

-Discreet oil window with LED lights

-Type C charging

Specs of Folar Hi5 disposable vape pen:

  1. Dimension: 70.6*32.7*15.1mm
  2. Any Color Customizable, MOQ 2000pcs
  3. Tank Capacity: 5.0ML/4.0ML/3ML/2ML (Options)
  4. Aperture Size: 4*1.8mm (1.0mm-2.0mm)
  5. Resistance: 1.2 ohm
  6. Coil: Folar-Air™ ceramic
  7. Battery Capacity: 350 mAh
  8. With Button: YES, 2 clicks the button to preheat
  9. With Type-C charging port
  10. Heavy Metal Free

More Options for Different Capacity demands

Take the great value maximum to 5mL large volume vaporizer in an ultra-compact,

Keep palm size and achieving an everlasting consumption. But still leave more options for more demands like 2ml/3ml/4ml/5ml and keep the same design. Besides this, Embedded low-temperature heating technology greatly reduces the possibility of device malfunction caused by ceramic embrittlement under long-term repeated heating; the V-Shaped oil chamber design promotes to use up even the last drop of cannabis oil and avoids wasting oil, overall reinforcing the lifespan of the pocket-size vaporizer.

Pure releasing, smooth vaporization

The remarkable Folar-Air™ ceramic heating element starts the next generation of large-volume vaporizer products, with an even more incredible ability to restore and release the original cannabinoid elements. The Folar-Air™ Module and button activation setting perfectly make up such an excellent anti-clogging combination. By eliminating the spit-back issue, it provides double assurance to smooth the vaporizing channel, support to upgrade the taste, and subtly filter toxins to ensure pureness.

 Freely customised

Device body free up more customization area and options to offer an impressive outlook and ideal hand feeling. Available surface treatment processes in anodizing, rubber finish, electrophoresis, kinds of stylish color gradient choices, printing patterns and etc., potentially supporting you in creating your comprehensive brand information, innovative design, and unique colors. It makes it so attractive to satisfy all kinds of physical expectations.

Check below for detailed info :

This is the newest design in the world privately for 5ml big capacity disposable vape pen by FolarTech, the professional manufacturer and supplier of empty disposable pens for cannabis oil like D8/D10/THCO/HHC/THC/CBD and etc.

Why FolarTech ?

  • Keep investing in technology updates
  • Continuous strong reducing power of taste
  • The ultimate atomizing experience
  • Simple and clear customization tips
  • Cottonfree, Heavy-metal free & worry free
  • Respond quickly to your regular requests 16 hours a day
  • Responsible after-sales service

It’s one of the best and FIRST best vape delta 10 in the world with a 5.0ml/4.0ml /3.0ml/2.0ml PCTG material tank, the center post is stainless steel food grade, 100% heavy metal free, safe and environment-friendly. And the intake hole size is customizable, from 1.0mm to 2.0mm usually, which makes this vape pen fit for both low and high-viscosity cannabis oil like D8/THC/CBD/THCO/HHC and etc.

Worry free about clogging issues,We are committed to research the ultimate use efficiency of equipment,all oil in the device will fully used, no any waste, no complaints. And it’s Portable, compact, and light enough so the consumers can take it anywhere, and vape it any time.

What’s more, the medical-grade tank housing keeps vaping safe, and this delta 10 vape pen uses revolutionary ceramic heating elements that can produce the purest taste and smooth throat hit with plenty of vapor. The overall creative design idea and structure of this pen will bring you the greatest vaping experience and effects without any burning taste or leaking issues.


Additional information


Rechargeable Disposable



Battery Capacity


Tank Capacity



Button Activated

Coil material

FolarAir ™ Ceramic


Food-grade PCTG mouthpiece


1.2 Ohm±0.1

Intake hole

1.8mm*4 /customized available

Center post

316 Stainless steel

Charging port

Type C

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