Hybird- Cup Vaporizer

Hybird- Cup Vaporizer

The First 510 Thread Automatic Atomization Bubbler/Cup Vaporizer


  • 2in1 Socialized desktop sharing vaporizer
  • Hands free by Auto Atomization
  • Drink the vapor instead of inhale
  • 510 thread for wax coil and CBD carts
  • Touchpad Power Button
  • 4 Heat Settings: 2.5V / 3.0V / 3.5V / 4.0V
  • Water-cooled bubbler attachment optional
  • Big Battery Capacity 1600mAh


Table top vapor taps! It is also good option as socialized vaporizer. Cups will be filled within 30seconds, just cheers and tip it back with your friends. more importantly, you can share with friends to get the party started.

Hybrid Vapor Maker

It is another innovation from Folartech by fresh new way to experience the vape cloud. Its automatic atomization and instant heat makes hands free and easier way to enjoy the vape. The Vapor can easily reach your lung by simple sip or drink which can max the enjoyment with easiest way.

510 thread makes it possible to be multi-function vaporizer kit which can be available for dry herb / wax / cbd carts. Absolutely innovative way to create vape, never like the baking herb vaporizer, dab rigs or delta 8 disposables.Hybrid Duo is pretty easy to use by simply screw carts or wax tanks onto the smart battery basement, tap the power button to turn on & work, and then wait till the cup filled.




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