Wave 510 wireless battery

Wave 510 wireless battery

-Wireless Charging 510 Battery

  • Charging Options: Triple ways to charge including wireless charging, universal type C, and iPhone port.
  • 510 Thread: Spring electrode timber, works for most popular CBD cartridges.
  • OLED Screen: Easy reading and knowing how the battery is working.
  • Haptic Feedback: Simple design but improves the vape experience a lot.
  • Portable: Palm-sized, easy to go.


A 510 battery, often referred to as a “510 thread battery,” is a common type of battery used in the vaping industry. It is named after the threading system that connects the battery to the vaping cartridge or atomizer, which consists of 10 threads that are 0.5 millimeters apart. This threading system has become a standard in the vaping industry, allowing for compatibility between different components from various manufacturers.

The Multiple charging modes for 510 Batteries is Future of Vaping: wireless Type-C + Lightning iPhone

The Wave have OLED Screen: 
Battery Life:have 650mAh
Working Time:hold the power button time
Counting Puffs:How much times you can take at work

strong ana durable zinc alloy outter frame support high drop test and longer life spam of use.
Coated with multi-layer rubber lacquer so you can enjoy the device with delicated and smooth hand feeling.
The special structure design is different from the regular fixed electrode thimble in the market but apply a new generation of pure copper electrode spring thimble with double contact structure ensuring stable connection and voltage output and maintaining smooth airflow.
More importantly this makes it fits for most of the 510 thread cartridge.

Haptic Feedback:
Power On/Off
Cartridge Connection
Change Voltage
Time Out

Thread:510 thread and fts for cartridge
Preheat:1.8V 20.seconds
Light Indication:Green light for wire charging,Blue light for wirelesss charging
Count Time:lt will tell the working time and count down preheat time
Count Puffs:Smart and accurate count the puffs to reach medical dose


Additional information




510 thread and fits for cartridge within 12mm diameter


1.8V 20 seconds



Light Indiction

Green light for wire charging,Blue light for wireless charging

Count Time

It will tell the working time and count down preheat time

Count Puffs

Smarte and accurate count the puffs to reach medical dose

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