Why Zirconia Ceramic Cartridge

When it comes to these kinds of vape cartridges, the industry tends to focus primarily on the cannabis extracts that will be filled them. While the quality of the concentrate is obviously essential to the quality of the overall product, Folartech realized using substandard cartridge hardware can significantly impact the vape’s performance and increase the health risks associated with its use regardless of the extract used to fill it.

Proof by facts ,ceramic options, particularly medical-grade zirconia ceramic, have clear advantages over other cartridge materials.  

What’s the advantage for using Zirconia ceramic cartridges?

  1. Healthy benefit .Avoid the issue of heavy metal leaching and provide an overall safer product to their consumers.
  2. Durable, High hardness which close to natural diamond but lighter than metal.
  3. High anti-wear, anti-oxidation and never rust and change colors
  4. Degree of insulation, no metal, electroplating pollution.
  5. Density color makes it texture and visual transcendence ,unique & elegant & luxurious.

Performance Benefits Of Zirconia Ceramic Vape Cartridges

Metal cartridges typically utilize a cotton wicking agent in their heating element. These wicks can often be temperamental and are subject to failure. When they inevitably wear out, the wicks no longer absorb the cannabis oil adequately. The result is a dry hit—a foul-tasting plume of burnt cotton that irritates the throat and is quite unpleasant for the vape user. With a ceramic heating element, the risk of a dry hit vanishes entirely.

Due to their complete lack of contaminants, these high tech cartridges provide a flavor that more accurately represents the extract they contain. Plus, the porous nature of zirconium ceramics creates additional surface area when heating, allowing for better heat distribution and making for a more satisfying and flavorful hit. This increased heat distribution also means ceramics work better with a more viscous oil cartridge than a standard metal cart. By allowing for increased viscosity, ceramic cartridges free up extractors to use less filler ingredients and cutting agents, making it easier to realize their vision for a particular cartridge’s flavor profile.  

Zirconia Ceramic cartridges last longer, work better, and come with fewer health risks. For any serious extractor or manufacturer concerned with creating the best possible vape product, choosing zirconia ceramic over metal and plastic is a no-brainer.


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